Holodeck 4Screen

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Holodeck 4Screen: Virtual Environment Design

Holadeck 4Screen is made up of four screens positioned in a square such that they form a room within a room. The screens are back projected and surrounded by speakers. Visitors can enjoy the audio visual environment provided by the Holadeck 4Screen by positioning themselves inside it

This Holodeck 4Screen was used at the Natural Scotland Conference in St Andrews (August 2013). Visitors to the installation were able to experience the Holodeck 4Screen in 3 modes:

Landscape mode: A natural landscape and sound-scape created using images and sound spatialisation
Animation mode: An animated flock of words flying around the screens. As the animations moves around the visitors, so did the sound being produced by each animated object.
Interview mode: Photographic portraits of various interviewees montage on the screens. The sound of their interview came out of all speakers at once producing a strange effect where no matter which way the visitor moved there head they were always listening as if the interviewee was in front of them.