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Sound Sweep: Interactive sonic environment

Sound Sweep is an interactive 3D sonic environment designed using the audio game engine; FMOD.

Inspired by J.G. Ballard’s short story: ‘The Sound-Sweep’ (available in ‘The Complete Short Stories: Volume 1: v. 1 (Reissue) 2006). The story tells of a place where sound is absorbed into the walls of buildings, the airport or anywhere else. Sounds collect like litter and need to be swept up by sound-sweeps who hoover up the sounds and dump them in special insulation tanks out of town along the motorway. But the tanks are leaking……..

FMOD is predominantly used for testing audio for 3D game environments. However it can also be used to design interactive compositions or to create 3D sound effects such as the swarming beas which Tam used in the ‘Dark Matter‘ theater production. In order to make the environment more fun to navigate the Thrustmaster game controller has been linked up to FMOD using Max MSP.

Sound Sweep Demonstration


Photo-Credit: Gallery Slideshow- Micki Tanner